Leanne has been a singer/songwriter since 1996.

As a result of her performance of the Drum and Bass track ‘Greater Love ft Elizabeth Troy’, Leanne was then asked to join a writing team where she spent three years writing and recording a catalogue of songs to present to record companies. The writing team consisted of Leanne, a music manager and producer named Mike Powell and artist and DJ Shine MC.

Leanne remained a solo artist for several months and recorded several songs. The signature song being Flowers, the song had many remixes. Leanne later decided that an additional vocalist should come on board, It was from this that the group Sweet Female Attitude (Sweet F.A) was formed and Leanne would later be joined by Catherine Cassidy who added her vocals to the UK Garage hit  ‘Flowers’.

Remaining the closest of friends, Leanne and Catherine in the years which followed began to pursue individual projects, Leanne would go onto train as a teacher and has worked for approximately ten years teaching vocalists in a college in Manchester, whilst also maintaining a busy gig schedule and a string of recording projects.

2018 has seen the emergence of the Future Garage scene which has seen an increase in gigs for Sweet Female Attitude who have performed their old school track ‘Flowers’ at a variety of clubs, events and arenas.

Coalition Talent act as live booking agent for Sweet Female Attitude.

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