Woodland Echoes is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist, Nick Heyward’s ninth album, tenth if you include Pelican West, the pop-funk masterpiece that he released in 1982 with his first band Haircut 100. 35  years later, Nick is looking out at his world and likes what he sees. “I’m glad I’m alive, I’m glad that I’m writing and putting records out,” he says. “It’s great now because it’s easy to be independent.”

One of the first phrases Nick sings on Woodland Echoes is “hold tight,  take a leap of faith.” His first pop record in 18 years is an accidentally autobiographical reflection of the course his life has taken in the 21st  century. It’s influenced by love, nature, togetherness, 70’s pop, America, open spaces and afternoon tea. It is the sound of a confident man in his mid-50’s making music for nobody but himself, and asking some basic questions about who is closest to you in your life.

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