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The group – Shudall (vocals, guitar), Joe Falconer (guitar), Sam Rourke (bass) and Colin Jones (drums) – approached their third record with a more ambitious mindset than anything they’d done before. Their 2015 debut Young Chasers introduced them as a quartet armed with a batch of surging indie-rock anthems with its 2017 follow-up Different Creatures revealing a radical retooling of their sound, the songs more muscular, the riffs heavier, the choruses punchier. Playing it safe is not something Circa Waves know how to do; another sonic shift was approaching. “We’ve passed the garage indie-rock “dead happy to be here” vibe,” says Shudall. “The music is deliberately more commercial cos we want to push ourselves in a bigger direction.”

Circa Waves’ third album may be the album that nearly never was, but it will become the album their fans can’t live without. It’s another leap forward, another magical reconfiguration of their DNA, a union of emotional depth and intricate songcraft. Circa Waves have taken the theory that they’re allowed to do whatever they want and ran with it. The results are stunning.

Abi Hand

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Samantha Townsend


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