Afro B


South Londoner by birth, Afro B has become a respected vocalist in the afrobeats scene, with support from the likes of Westwood, MistaJam and Toddla T. Distinguishing his style as ‘Afrowave’, a fusion of hip-hop, dancehall and afrobeat melodies, Afro B’s eclectic music style has taken the UK by storm. With the evolving popularity of the music genre comes a wide range of artists also looking to make their mark on the scene. One of the artists who is doing so – but with a particular edge – is Afro B.

For the Ivorian-British DJ-turned-artist, his 2017 mixtape ‘Afrowave’ perfectly meshes afropop and dancehall with a mainstream vibe that makes it perfect for ravers and the top 40 alike. Afro B, who was raised in Greenwich, London, has found music to be a key inspiration in his life, and credits his family for helping him to develop his passion for it. “I started out playing piano in church and that’s where the passion for music started for me”.

As the artist entered into his teens, his musical journey sped ahead as he begun to take off with his DJing career. “I met up with friends in secondary school who decided to organise events for young people, and as a result I learnt how to DJ.” From DJing, Afro B ended up having a radio show on Reprezent, which promoted African music and culture especially in the UK. After that, he decided to start making music as an artist.

Afro B believes that cultivating the afrowave sound is what separates himself from other artists and is the key to his versatility and success thus far.

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