Francis Boulle


Francis Boulle is part of Made in Chelsea’s old guard and the most widely adored fan favourite. Loved for his dry wit and off the wall comic timing, it may come as a surprise to some that this quirky entrepreneur and renaissance man is actually a very talented DJ. Boulle has long cultivated an eclectic interest in music across the spectrum of genres, he used to sneak out of boarding school to go and see his favourite DJs in London and spun records ​right ​through his university days. Francis has recently even turned his hand to producing music​ in his spare time.​

After disappearing in to the West African jungle to explore for gold, he has returned to London and Made in Chelsea with a bang and can now regularly be found at the DJ decks mixing music for all his friends at London’s most exclusive parties.

Coalition Talent act as DJ and corporate booking agent for Francis Boulle.

Adam Jones

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